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Carnival of the Green #40 August 13, 2006

Posted by CamdenKiwi in : Environment,Green in the City,Politics , trackback

Welcome to the Carnival of the Green on Camden Kiwi.  This week, we have a pot-pourri of green ideas, issues and news from using solar energy in Alaska, to greywater in London and wind farms in the Western Isles as well as commentary on the environmental consequences of the war in Lebanon and attempts by climate change deniers to get their message across

The Carnival of the Green was created by City Hippy and Triple Pundit as a weekly round up of the green blogosphere.  Last week, the Carnival was hosted by City Hippy, and next week it will be with FrugalForLife

I wish the London and Camden authorities would take up some of the ideas used in Chicago John presents in  Urban Greening posted at A DC Birding Blog.   As I also live in the London / South East drought zone, I was very interested to see Tracy’s ideas at Eco Street
for ways of easily reusing your greywater.  Most people I know have
water butts, but there has been so little rain this summer that these
are mostly empty now, so using bath and other waste water makes a lot
of sense.

Nick Aster looks at the bizare PR antics
of DCI group who pretend to be amateur videographers making fun of Al
Gore but actually come across as fools.  The video Nick’s refering to
(and has a link for) is very poorly done, and the YouTube rating of 1
star after 2722 votes (2723 after I’d put in mine) says it all.

Riversider presents Preston Riverworks – A Guide to the Pro-Ribble Response posted at Save The Ribble!

The Disillusioned Kid talks about the environmental consequences of the Israeli assault on lebanon

Greener Magazine follows up
on its previous examination of  problems with the Alyeska Pipeline and
British Petroleum’s failure to adequately maintain their feeder lines.

Deirdre Helfferich at the Ester Republic is looking at ways of going solar, and in this post talks about providing natural lighting with a brief comparison of two natural lighting systems – the tubular skylight and the hybrid solar light.  If people, in Ester, Alaska, can go solar, there’s no excuse for the rest of us.

In another Alaskan post, the Harbour Master at the Port of Valdez has some advice for recreational boaters, saying that clean boating practices will ensure favorite areas remain pristine and unspoiled for future trips. 

Sally Kneidel, PhD, biologist and co-author of Veggie Revolution, writes about marine mammals encountered on a recent trip to Washington state and British Columbia.  This is the first of several upcoming posts about Pacific coastal and marine wildlife and conservation issues.

City Hippy’s Edinburgh Editor, Katherine, brings us news of the positive effects of a wind farm up on an island off the West coast of Scotland.  And if you can’t have a wind farm, Avant News presents a fabulous post showing how livestock and pets can be harnessed as an important new energy resource,
complete with pictures.

Joe Kissell presents Geodesic Domes: Interesting Thing of the Day posted at Interesting Thing of the Day, and explains the history and geometry of these structures.

Don Bosch over at The Evangelical Ecologist has some green thoughts on Jesus’ parable of The Good Samaritan in a post titled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”


1. City Hippy - August 14, 2006

Great Job CK!!!



2. Nick Aster - August 14, 2006

Well done! Thanks for hosting! – Nick

3. Triple Pundit - August 14, 2006

Carnival of the Green #40 at Camden Kiwi…

It’s that time again – Monday – time to check out the weekly carnival of the green! This time the carnival remains in London and is dealt out at the hands of a Kiwi known as The Camden Kiwi (for……

4. mel starrs - August 15, 2006

Cownetics? Hilarious. Good carnival.

5. CamdenKiwi - August 15, 2006

Thanks for the kind comments everyone – much appreciated!

6. greensmile - August 18, 2006

The supposedly amateur send-up of Al Gore’s movie may have been put together by a PR firm employed by oil companies…the IP address of the email that accompanied its posting has been traced to such a firm.

Maybe it only looks amateurish.

[dredge Atrios...that where I heard this ]

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